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D&V Casting are a small boutique Talent and Casting Agency who provide a personal service to Clients and Industry professionals alike. Initially established to provide opportunities to local Essex based Performing Arts schools, we have expanded and are happy to hear from Clients further afield, especially if members of Spotlight. Predominantly representing Children & Young Performers aged 0 to 25, we are also happy to liaise with Spotlight registered Adults seeking representation.

We also work with "real families" and recognise the demand for "real people" becoming the new trend. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to providing a stepping stone into the world of Film / TV / Commercials / Internet / Stage / Musical Theatre / Voice Overs / Fashion & Modelling.

With our casting and talent scouting experience, D&V Casting is driven by the very notion that bringing the right people together can truly make or break a production. We are continuously inspired by the moments when talent brings a creative vision to life.


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