Frequently asked questions 

Q1) Do I have to pay to join D & V Casting ?

A)  No we do do not charge fees for being on our books, occasionally we may need to redo headshots of those who live local , but this is charged at a minimal rate of circa£25. You get a copy of  the photos. However, we are happy for you to do your own headshots as long as they fit the standard required or get a Spotlight headshot photographer of choice.

Q2) What do I have to do to join D & V casting?

A) Read our 'How it works' page , under clients resources tab, please ensure you understand what it takes, the commitment and dedication required to succeed in this industry . If you are happy to proceed , send us a short self tape , photo, current CV and a bit about yourself.  We will then either call in for personal meeting or conduct via Messenger/Skype etc., should we wish to proceed with application for representation.  Sometimes we hold audition days if we have enough spaces on our books. 

Q3) How does the agency earn money?
A) D&V Casting do not do this for the money, believe it or not ! It's our passion to help children and young adults succeed within the performing arts and entertainment industry. We earn 15%  commission and most of this goes back into the agency running cost, resources and equipment. If you don't earn, we don't earn. 

Q4) Do we get paid for auditions? 

A) Sadly not. These are at your own expense with regards to travel and parking charges. But, more and more casting directors are asking for self tapes, so that is just a time as opposed to a financial cost. However, we will submit you for all roles and would expect you to attend auditions, often in London & major cities, so you must be prepared for this before signing up to the agency.

Q5) Do you guarantee me work?

A) We wish we could but sadly no.  We cannot guarantee anyone work, everyone has to go through the same auditioning process and it is predominantly the casting directors who select who you gets the part. We endeavour to submit all our clients for as many roles as we can subject to them fitting the brief. Not everyone will be successful in gaining an audition for the roles we suggest them for, but we will keep submitting you to as many as we  are able to do so.

Q6) Can I be with more than agency to better my chances?
A) No, we are a SOLE agency. but please note, all the agents get the same briefs, so we would submit you for all the jobs that you fit the brief  and would be suitable for. It can be very unprofessional to be submitted for the same job by different agents and can have a negative effect.  We are, however, open to discuss non sole if you are represented by a  specialised model agency. 

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