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What is required/FAQ: 

Membership of Spotlight for the over 4’s (independent from Agents & the most recognised Casting platform in the industry - (www.spotlight.com).  Membership is paid directly to Spotlight and moves with the Client. 


The agency earns from commission. We take a very low 15% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses/chaperone fees). We do not charge any registration fees, it is therefore clearly in D&V’s best interest to secure work.  At the moment we do not charge for personal webpages as they are in development.

Auditions tend to be arranged between 24 hours or within a couple of days and although predominantly after school this cannot be guaranteed. We will let you know immediately we are given a casting, but sometimes receive a call late in the evening for an audition the following morning.  Theatre and stage shows usually give more notice. Bearing this in mind it is important to think carefully about whether you can give this level of commitment.

Most auditions are held in London, week days and weekends and wherever possible we try to give as much notice as possible. Casting fees are not usually paid for TV, film, or stage auditions but may be paid for commercials.

Clients will be expected to make their own way to auditions and pay for their own travel and expenses. 


Children should have their own bank account.

Filming will nearly always take place during the day, so for school age children, parents must be happy for their child to miss school as and when and a sympathetic school essential. Production & the agency will apply for a child performance licence for your child when required. Parents must also be available to chaperone their child to castings (& shoots/filming if production not employing professional licenced chaperone).

Fees for professional engagements and types of work (Commercial/Theatre/TV/Film/Voice Overs/Internet & Modelling) vary enormously. Low pay / unpaid student productions and Film Schools are sometimes considered to enable a Client to gain more experience and confidence.

Children should be well behaved, confident, able to take instruction and direction, be happy in front of the camera &/or on stage and enjoy meeting new people. It must be the child’s choice to enter the Entertainment industry. Skills, heights and abilities need to be regularly updated. Auditions, filming, performances are fun, educational and all totally different.  If you book a job, then it is fantastic as there is a lot of competition. 


We cannot guarantee that we will be able to gain auditions and work for every Client on our books, although we do guarantee that we will make every effort on behalf of everyone successfully chosen to be represented by D&V Casting.

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