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D & V Casting , are an Essex based Talent Agency . We represent children and young adults up to the age of 25 years, and a few select Adults for roles in Film, TV, Commercials, Stage and most sectors of the Performing Arts/Entertainment industry.

We are happy to consider everyone looking for representation. We do however ask that you read the 'How to works' information, so you enter this industry with your eyes wide open! 
Being a performer requires dedication, commitment and the understanding that it isn't easy. You may find you get lots of rejection, this wouldn't be down to your talent, it could just be your the wrong look, height, eye colour of location etc .

If after reading all the our clients information and you believe you have the commitment and dedication required, please contact us .

We would require the following -

* All potential new clients to be a member of spotlight  ( see link and how to sign up page )
* Recent natural headshots (head and shoulders , looking direct to camera) - taken on phone or professional photos
* Your current CV including skills, height, clothing measurements.
* Please provide also a short extract about yourself, include things such as I'm bubbly/confident/shy/mature/active, good with children/adults/animals . Plus hobbies / clubs .
* Details of any allergies - this is so we know what jobs we can't submit you for.

Email details to,  plus a short self tape (see information on how to do a self tape), if you can sing  or dance and want to be considered for musicals please add a short recording - link to videos. Your video can be a little introduction about yourself, and extra, poem or improvisation. The video should only be a max of 2 minutes, start the tape with your name and age (looking at camera) then your piece looking slightly off to one side of the camera, as indicated in the 'How to do a self tape guide'.  If file too big use WeTransfer.

We actually recommend emailing your photo and information to and send your tapes by WeTransfer (just film your piece on your smart phone, go to - it's free and you don't need to sign up)

Once we agree to represent you, we will also add your details to casting networks free as part of our agency. Spotlight requires a yearly fee, paid directly to spotlight.


Telephone: 07867795744 / 07541999674

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